How-To: Apply to Offshore Vacancies

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We are sometimes overwhelmed by the emails we receive from people who apply to jobs at our address. Just to let you know, we don’t hire offshore personnel, nor is it of any use to send us your application, but it does show us how the ‘average Joe’ applies to a job vacancy online. offers services which include writing cover letters and resumes. But if you decide not to use these services, you best make sure you apply to a job in a professional, or at least respectful, manner. Recently we received an email from a young man who wants to start working offshore. He wrote the following:

‘i want to talk to some body about offshore jobs. i want to go to work for yall. call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx my name is xxxx xxxxx.’

Needless to say, this young fellow will never be hired to work offshore when applying to jobs in this particular manner. This of course is just one example, we could tell you stories or even write a book on the emails we receive.

From completely empty emails with just a resume attached and without any other word, to emails with over 16mb of attachments like passport copies, certificates, copies of a drivers license, full picture galleries and much – much more.

Writing to much, with an extensive amount of attachments, isn’t going to help you get the job. Nor is writing close to nothing of any use to a recruiter. We’ve seen emails come by, with colorful fonts, extraordinary text sizes, ALL IN CAPS and many more interesting ways from people who try to get noticed.

But all you have to do to get noticed, is to stay ‘normal and respectful’ when applying to a job

How to Apply

If you decide to apply to a job via email, first start with respectfully greeting the person you’re writing to, use the subject line of the email to address this person ‘Attn: Mr. Jones, Recruiting Department’ and then start your email with: ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Mr. Jones’. That’s much better as saying ‘Hey you, call me! I need a job’.

Secondly, introduce yourself, explain what job you are applying too and mention the reference number if it has one. Write something like: ‘My name is Hank Rogers and I’m applying to the job vacancy as driller which is posted at your website under reference number xxx’. Doesn’t that sound better as ‘see if you got a job for me, I’ll do anything and I don’t care what it is’.

Third, Tell the person you’re contacting why you want the job, what your experience is, how you would be an asset to their company. Example: ‘I was really motivated as a driller while working at Company X for 6 years which also helped me gain more experience. I’d like to use my skills and experience to support your current crew and, if possible, to grow within your company’. Which shows a lot more interest and potential as someone who’d say ‘I recon I can do the job, just tell me what to do all day and pay me well for it’.

Then, at the footer of your email, direct the recruiter to your attached resume for more information on your employment history, education and skills (which should be a word file and not accompanied by every picture, certificate or ID you ever had since birth).

Sign off, by saying ‘I’d be happy to address any question you may have during a personal interview. Thank you in advance for your consideration, kind regards, Hank Rogers’.

Nothing more is needed, no long letters, no referring to this and that, don’t explain everything you did, learned and experienced since you where in your mothers womb. Recruiters don’t care about your hobbies, what your favorite color is, or if you coach the little league team even though you don’t have kids of your own, why it happened and how it came about… and so on, etc etc.

A short letter stating your ‘business’ is all which is needed!

We truly hope the information given above helps you to write better emails to recruiters. Also, just to give you a little bit more information, read the Resume Information Page. If you have doubts about your skills to write a decent cover (email) letter and/or resume/Curriculum Vitae, just ask the Professionals at to help you. Check out their Professional Services for more information.

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